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Hair Model

Individual therapy

Have you been experiencing feelings of sadness? Frequent mood swings? Difficulty adjusting to new environment, relationship or job? Feelings of anxiousness or self-identity?  Or maybe you want to work towards building better self-esteem and or a better self-care regimen? If you answered yes to any of the above questions than feel free to call or email me for a free consultation.

Phone: 470-601-7668

Mother and a Child

Adolescent & Family Counseling

Is your child or teen exhibiting abnormal feelings of sadness, or anxiety? Are they easily triggered or have problems with their temper and anger? Have they experienced bullying or maybe bullies others?  Have they experienced a difficult family situation that you feel may have affected them negatively? Or maybe you want a safe environment to help build better communication and family relations? Please call or email me for a free consultation

Phone: 470-601-7668

Happy Couple

Couples Counseling 

Have you been experiencing difficulty in your relationship?   Feelings of anxiousness and having trouble with establishing a sense of self? Do you find it difficult to communicate with your partner and solve problems in a healthy way? Or maybe your childhood wounds are being triggered and highlighted by your spouse? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then please reach out to our couples therapist Kay Peck for a free consultation. 

Phone: 470-601-7668

Support Group

Group therapy workshops

Offering both virtual and In person workshops on the topics of Depression, Anxiety, Anticipatory Grief and the grieving process, Stress and Wellness and Trauma. Chadvina and Kay's work has a focus on urban communities while using a cultural competent and Afrocentric approach to healing. 

Please email us below for pricing

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